The purpose of this Proximity Detection System (PDS) Toolkit is to present the results of a study conducted as part of the ACARP C26028. In preparing this Toolkit, Mining3 has relied upon, and presumed accurate, any information (or confirmation of the absence thereof) provided by the literature review process.

Except as otherwise stated on this website, Mining3 has not attempted to verify the accuracy or completeness of any such information. If the information is subsequently determined to be false, inaccurate or incomplete then it is possible that our observations and conclusions as presented in this Toolkit may change.

Mining3 derived the data in this Toolkit from the published research space and from publicly available sources at the time or times outlined in this Toolkit. The passage of time, manifestation of latent conditions or impacts of future events may require further examination of the project and subsequent data analysis, and re-evaluation of the data, findings, observations and conclusions expressed in this Toolkit. For the reasons outlined above, however, no other warranty or guarantee, whether expressed or implied, is made as to the data, observations and findings expressed in this Toolkit, to the extent permitted by law. All material presented in this Toolkit should be read in full and no excerpts are to be taken as representative of the findings. No responsibility is accepted by Mining3 for use of any part of this Toolkit in any other context.

This Toolkit has been prepared on behalf of, and for the exclusive use of ACARP and is subject to, and issued in accordance with, the provisions of the contract between Mining3 and ACARP. Mining3 accepts no liability or responsibility for, or in respect of, any use of, or reliance upon, this Toolkit by any third party.

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